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schmoopiness n. behavior that is excessively cutesy, precious, or adoring. Editorial Note: This word—and the noun schmoopy ‘a term of affection for one who is adored; a person who exhibits schmoopiness’ and the adjective schmoopy ‘(excessively) cutesy or adoring’—was popularized by, if not coined for, episode 116 of the television program Seinfeld, first broadcast Nov. 25, 1995. The words are also frequently spelled with shmoop–. Despite the show’s setting in New York City and the nebbishness of the character George Constanza, there’s no evidence that this word is derived from a real Yiddish word. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Ok Guys! I have a question. I have a gay dad and he is 10/10 gay. He doesn’t like it that much to be called schmoopy, but you would agree, that schmoopy is the best nickname for a 30 old gay man, am I right? He doesn’t understand it and I’m trying to explain him the right use of schmoopy. I really need to your help!
    XOXO Gossip Girl

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