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shutter man
 n.— «One of the funniest versions of paeksu husbands are the so-called shutter men (셔터맨), men who only need to raise and lower the shutter of the shop of their wives. The stereotype concerns especially husbands of pharmacists, who have been able to earn a good income without help from their husbands….Also hairdressing shop keeper’s husband has a chance to become a shutter man, as these women often earn quite good; the two hairdresser’s husbands that I’ve known did lower the shutter of their wife’s shop almost every evening, but they were not shutter men in the more figurative sense—had their own income albeit lower than their wife’s.» —“(Social categories) Paeksu thoughts” by Antti Leppänen Hunjangûi karûch’im (S. Korea) May 7, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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