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  • Martha’s reading of Moby-Dick on the Kindle reminds me of the time on NPR’s news quiz Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! when one of the answers was that Aristotle Onassis’ yacht had bar stools upholstered with the foreskins of whales. (Eew!) Someone on their discussion forum apparently asked, “Who on earth collects these for him??” and the answer came, “Call me Ish.”

  • I screwed that up. I intended to write “Call me IshMohel” with “Mohel” linked to the Wikipedia page that defines the term, for those not familiar. The HTML seems to have gotten lost, or (more likely) I did it wrong.

  • Dan, thanks for suggested the comment preview! I’ve just added it. You should now see it on the blog (the forum has its own thing) below the “Post Comment” button.

  • Let’s try a different format for what I wanted to do:

    “Call me IshMohel.”

    That works, so I think your href tag format in the box labeled “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:” is incorrect as listed.

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