1. Marcia Wyatt says:

    Okay, now, I KNOW this is an old phrase.  Hell, my grandparents used it to describe gay males.

  2. Yeah, but can you show me old in-print citations for it? That’s one of the reasons this site exists: there are plenty of old terms that just never somehow made it into a dictionary. So we’re off to gather them as best we can and try and trace them a little ways back towards their origins. Unfortunately, remembering a term from a period isn’t really good enough (since memories are too fallible and also because it’s hard to differentiate between the people who honestly do remember and those that just say they do—and I believe the latter category outnumbers the former), except as a guide for knowing what period of print publications should be searched.

  3. sarah says:

    i thought this term refered to someone who was gifted in bed….

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