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Get Your Tail Out of the Gravy

Greetings, word watchers! In this week's episode, we talk about "making money hand over fist," "don't take any wooden nickels," "peter out," "thrice-happy pair," colorful idioms from around the...

Stalagtites vs. Stalagmites

Have trouble remembering the difference between stalagtites and stalagmites? Martha shares a mnemonic that will help. This is part of a complete episode.

Language Headlines (minicast)

The world of politics tops this week’s language headlines, including an explanation of the Bradley effect, and the ongoing debate over bilingual education. Also, what does the word fubsy mean? Grant has the answer and reports about a new...

Ten-Dollar Words Online Quiz

Do you know what a rampike is? Or a colobus? Martha and Grant test each other’s knowledge of ten-dollars words with the online quiz at FreeRice.com. This is part of a complete episode.

ghost professorship

ghost professorship  n.— «Assembly Bill (AB) 1413, the California State University Governance Reform Act authored by Assemblymember Portantino, would eliminate the practice of “ghost professorships” by requiring all CSU executives who are...


speddie  n.— «Since this was the 80’s, kids who struggled in school were relegated to—and often sequestered in (including lunch)—the so-called “Sped” room and likewise referred to by teachers and kids as...

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