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graveyard spiral

graveyard spiral  n.— «You’re talking here about the possibility of a graveyard spiral: increasing rates forcing reductions in purchases.…If the commission today freed the company to go forward with the Midland project, it may have...

steady ticket

steady ticket  n.— «I land a job by taking the place of a man who works what is called “a steady ticket.” These are temporary jobs that are regularly offered through the agency. The fact that the “steady ticket” is...

graveyard star

graveyard star
 n.— «Graveyard star. Milk toast.» —“Lumber Industry Slang and Jargon” in Maine, Iowa, Mich., Wisc., Ore., Mont., Ark., Wy. Lexicon of Trade Jargon , 1938-39. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)