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Episode 1545

Baby’s Breath

Have you ever googled your own name and found someone else who goes by the very same moniker? There’s a word for that: googleganger. Plus, the language of hobbyists and enthusiasts: If you’re a beekeeper, perhaps you call yourself a...


Anna from Alden, Michigan, recalls as a child looking up the word prophylactic in the dictionary. It goes back to the Greek word phylax, which means “guard.” To guard against tooth decay, you can get dental prophylaxis, also known as...

fur baby

fur baby  n.— «The comparative review of recent history to the present, and the changing status of dogs from living outside the home as working dogs on farms and as guard dogs, or serving as a distraction for the children in the family and...

geek strap

geek strap  n.— «“I myself use a ‘geek strap,’” Ambelang said. “It’s good preventative maintenance for keeping your clothes intact.” A “geek strap,” as Ambelang calls it, is a lower-leg guard specifically designed to prevent shredded...


ramping  n.— «City road crews say “vehicle ramping”—the term used to describe hard-packed snowbanks that are left on the sides of bridges, guard rails, medians and roads by snow removal crews—is uncommon in Saskatoon...


 n.— «“Faux-po” = A security guard, mall officer or a rent-a-cop.» —“Re: Slang words” by glitter_vertigo in San Francisco, California MakeupTalk Jan. 6, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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