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Gyros and Sheath Cakes

What’s the right way to pronounce gyros? Have you ever heard of feeling poozley? Called something great a blinger? Use the expression one-off to mean a “one-time thing”?


electro-wetting  n.— «In other application fields, so-called liquid lenses have been known for some time. In these, the application of electrical voltages causes a shape change of the liquid lens and therefore a change in its focal length...


skeet-shooting  n.— «A special technique, known as “skeet-shooting,” was developed by controllers to cancel out the high speed of the moon relative to Cassini and also help obtain ultra-sharp views as the spacecraft sped past...

bull rope

bull rope  n.— «He said for years that he was at the funeral and that he photographed the boy. “I had a telephoto lens on my camera, and we were across the street behind what we called the ‘bull rope,’ that we had to stay there,” he said...