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This week, a special treat: NPR Puzzlemaster Will Shortz stops by with a quiz about slang and anagrams. Released November 22, 2010.

Did you know that A Way with Words is not produced by a big radio network? It’s not even produced by a radio station.

That means it is not paid for or owned by NPR, PBS, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or any other of those well-known organizations you’ve heard about.

Instead, this show is produced by a small nonprofit organization called Wayword, Inc., which is made of a handful of part-timers and volunteers. And it’s supported by listeners.

Its mission is to encourage life-long learning, promote understanding through better communication and appreciation of language diversity, and teach the study of human history through the lens of language.

In the coming year, this ragtag bunch of language-lovers will bring you even more new episodes on those themes. Yep, that’s right — fewer reruns!

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(If you need help with those anagrams, not to worry. Martha unscrambles them at the end of this episode.)

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