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tap-tap  n.— «Once on the road to Aux Cayes we passed a tap-tap (a small pickup truck) wreck and there was a man laying in the road dead. I realized how the U.S. is so candy coated. They hide death there.» —“Haiti Teaches of Death...

home going

home going
 n.— «She leaves to mourn her home going, 1 son.» —“Izora Clark Rogers” Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City) Feb. 14, 1983. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


yips  n.— «Putting always was hard, if not impossible, for Moody, who spent 14 years in the armed services. He had trouble with three-footers. He seldom had a clue on anything longer than six feet. He had what they call the “yips...


groove  n.— «Strong winds, gusting out of the south, left the track dry and slick in the low groove and dust-bowl gritty up high.» —“Restart Lets Stone Race To Victory” by Dean Bailey Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma...