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Episode 1550

Queen Bee

An artist asks strangers to write haiku about the pandemic and gets back poetic, poignant glimpses of life under lockdown. Plus, the new book Queenspotting features the colorful language of beekeeping! Bees tell each other about a good source of...

Molly Ivins Sayings

Texas journalist Molly Ivins delighted in collecting colorful expressions from state legislators, including “Who put Tabasco sauce in his oatmeal?” to refer to a suddenly invigorated colleague. This is part of a complete episode.

Chocolate Gravy

A listener in San Antonio, Texas, has fond memories of chocolate gravy over biscuits, the word gravy in this sense having nothing to do with a meat-based sauce. Grant shares his mother’s own recipe, which she calls cocoa gravy. This is part of...