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When Tigers Smoked

In English, fairy tales often begin with the phrase “once upon a time.” In contrast, Korean folktales often begin with “In the old days, when tigers used to smoke,” or similar phrases, such as “In the old, old days when...

Cashed Bowl vs. Cacked Bowl

A man in San Clemente, California, and his friends are debating the term for when a substance you are smoking for pleasure is all used up. Is the bowl cashed or cacked? In this case, both terms work. This is part of a complete episode.


Vape, meaning “to smoke an electronic cigarette,” is among the entries in Grant’s tenth annual Words of the Year List for The New York Times. This is part of a complete episode.


medible  n.—Gloss: Food containing marijuana. Note: marijuana + edible «Eating edibles (often referred to as Medibles) gives some suffers of chronic ailments more relief or a different kind of relief than simply smoking or vaporizing it...


smoke-eater  n.— «Nonsmokers also had problems with the specially equipped smoking areas. Depending on the number of smokers concentrated in one area, it was rare that “smoke-eaters” as they were affectionately called, could...


dipper  n.— «A man was taken to a hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation Wednesday after he darted into traffic and then told police that he had been smoking “dippers,” a street term for a PCP-laced cigarette...