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astrobioethics  n.— «Say hello to astrobioethics, a branch of ethics involving the implications of life science in space.» —“Be the Parent of a Brand-New Word: Astrobioethics” by Brandom Keim Wired Science Aug. 5...

sushi index

sushi index  n.— «There’s something called the sushi index.…The Americans are eating less fancy-fancy because they are screwed for the dollars.» —“Snapshots From Today’s Israel” by Mireille Silcoff National...


A caller wonders if the acrobatic “alley-oop” in basketball is connected with the V.T. Hamlin comic strip, “Alley Oop.” This is part of a complete episode.


bluebird  n.— «In sales lingo, bluebirds are those opportunities that fly in the window with the salesperson not having to lift a finger. In some sourcing deals I do, I get the opportunity to deliver bluebirds—at least get some vendors in...


guap  n.— «I been makin that guap!! OH yesz. I been going to skool..workin then babysittin. I been iight. Aside from burdz bein burdz. i been worryin bout my money, skool, and my man.» —by blazinbori05 All About Twe3Tz July...


 n.— «Ask me what I paid and I say yeah I paid a “guap.”» —“Official Video” by M.I.M.S This is Why I’m Hot Dec. 13, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)