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 n.— «MARBLES: Small pieces of tire rubber that build up above the racing groove.» —“A racing dictionary” St. Petersburg Times (Florida) Apr. 1, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

happy hour

happy hour  n.— «HAPPY HOUR: The final hour of practice during which faster laps often occur because the track is cooler.» —“A racing dictionary” St. Petersburg Times (Florida) Apr. 1, 2005. (source: Double...


pipes  n.pl.— «Complaints allege Wright routinely asked some of the firm’s young associate women to “feel his pipes” or “feel his guns”—sexually suggestive slang for feeling his biceps.» —“H&K’s handling...

throw up

throw up
 v. phr.— «As soon as the cameras were turned on, they all threw up their gang symbols.» —“Anti-gang students show colors” St. Petersburg Times (Florida) Oct. 15, 1997. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

go bazootie

go bazootie  v. phr.— «Several states have assumed the role of anointing hospitals as trauma centers in areas that need them and have none. But when someone suggested a similar plan for Florida, said Alexander, the Florida Hospital...


rondo  n.— «Mudd’s latest real estate entry discusses the merits and rising popularity of “rondos”—industry slang for rental apartments that are being converted to condos.» —“Locals out front in business blog...

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