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I Ride An Old Paint

An Indiana woman is puzzled about a phrase in the old western song, “I Ride An Old Paint”: “I’m goin’ to Montana to throw the houlihan.” What’s a houlihan? You’ll find one version of the lyrics here...


What do you call a party that new parents throw to introduce a baby to family and friends? Kiss-and-cry? Try sip-and-see. This is part of a complete episode.

Premature Evacuation

You’ve kept that old gadget in your garage for years now, but you never use it, so you finally throw it out. The very next day, you discover you need it. Shouldn’t there be a word for needing something you just threw away? Martha reports...

To Boot

Does the expression to boot, as in “I’ll sell you this Hummer and throw in a free tank of gas to boot,” have anything to do with booting up a computer? This is part of a complete episode.


PodShanking  n.— «PodShanking can be declared a “hack” in the basest sense of that word: as in hackey. This is a jury-rigged, stop-gap solution to a sticky technical problem. Throw more hardware at this problem and you’ll solve...


po-po  n.— «i guess i couldn’t hear the sirens yeah it was po-po an that’s oh pee dee for those who don’t know.» —“Lyrics: Raw Fusion: Throw Yo Hands in the Air!” by pharvey@quack.kfu.com (Paul Harvey) Usenet: alt...