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Jay Wright on Poetry

In an interview with the literary journal Callaloo, the poet Jay Wright tells a story about giving a poetry reading and then explaining his work in response to a question from a young member of the audience. This is part of a complete episode.

Constrained Writing Word Puzzle

The novels Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright and A Void by Georges Perec are examples of constrained writing or lipograms. Lipogrammatic writing is composed entirely with words that don’t contain a particular letter, such as, in this case, the...


A listener was confused when she heard a radio announcer say a man had “Amanda Lynn” in his hands, only to find out that it was “a mandolin.” These funny misheard phrases are called mondegreens, a term coined in Sylvia...


trep  n.— «Trep—Weblish for “entrepreneur” or, if it is someone tech-oriented, an “entreprenerd” or “dotcon artist.”» —“Keeping up with the new English” by Michael Wright Sunday...