utility computing
 n.— «There’s another term for this: Utility computing. It’s the idea that server systems will no longer need to be managed as a set of boxes, but instead as a pool of virtualized resources. These resources can be scaled up or scaled down as needed and will be used mainly by large service providers. Then companies and IT departments can simply buy the capacity that they need from the service providers instead of having to build out for maximum capacity and then allowing a lot of extra capacity to go unused most of the time.» —“Networks vs. servers: The truce has ended” by Jason Hiner ZDNet Asia Mar. 26, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. patricia says:

    i think you mean to say, “There’s another term for this: CLOUD computing.”

  2. No, that’s the quote, not my words. Click through to the article to see what I mean.

  3. Ken Meibos says:

    What “they” are calling Cloud Computing should be more appropriately referred to as Utliity Computing. And please, regulated the same way we regulate the big utility companies. Who supports Cloud computing? Microsoft, Sun, IBM … They just want to become the next set of utility companies. Look out Ma Bell, Cable TV companies, and Cellular Services. As the “cloud” gets going it will utilitize computing/communication into a handheld, WIFI, bluetooth, cisco switched world. Aloha

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