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va-jay-jay n. the vagina. Also vajayjay. Editorial Note: This term has lately been popularized by an episode of the American television hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy, broadcast Feb. 12, 2006. Thanks to Mark Peters for the tip-off. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • from the blog of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes says:

    Q: Well, what about “va-jay-jay”? That was totally you, right, Shonda? You made that up? ‘Cause you’re so cool?
    A: That was Blythe Robe. One of our assistants. She says va-jay-jay. In reference to her vagina. As in, “I’ve got to get to the gynie and do the va-jay-jay thing.” Blythe is very hip and very funny and way cooler than me. But I do take credit for borrowing the phrase and having Bailey say it on national television in front of 25 million people thus bringing “va-jay-jay” to the world.

  • Daisy, it does indeed pan out. I’ve found the song, listened to it, confirmed that the word appears there, and made a cite for it.

    Now to find an even earlier use…

  • MC Paul Barman is the one to credit for the original mention of Mrs. Va Jay Jay. It appeared on his EP “It’s Very Stimulating” in 2000(Recorded in 1999).The name of the song is Mtv Get Off the Air Part 2. Check it out and give credit to this hilarious writer rather than those who followed…

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