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 n.— «50 Cent would then go on to touch on the internal squabbles within the Wu-Tang and refer to the group as “dust heads.” “It’s really upsetting to me with what’s going on with Wu-Tang right now. I hear they are upset with The RZA,” 50 said. “[RZA] started the Wu-Tang, he made the beats. Ok, sure, yes he has all the money and his brother made 20 percent of everything. RZA and his brother made the money, that’s alright but they deserve it. They designed it, they built it. The rest of them niggas was on dust and not paying attention to what was going on at the time.”» —“50 Cent Fires Back At GZA; ‘I’m Sure Everyone Else Has Forgotten Who He Is’” by Black widow SIxshot.com Dec. 30, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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