Los Anchorage
 n.— «That was in the early 1900s when Seward was the main supply port for miners in the Hope/Sunrise district of the Kenai and where a still-hoped-for Alaska railroad would start. Seward was a boom town, and Anchorage was, well, Anchorage was nothing. Oh how things change in 100 years. Today, the nothing place has grown into what many jokingly, and sometimes not so jokingly, refer to as “Los Anchorage.” On summer Fridays, tens of thousands of Los Anchoragites load up their cars, trucks and recreational vehicles and point them south, thinking not at all about the value of the timber in the Chugach Forest that Roosevelt and the newly formed U.S. Forest Service moved to protect from miners and railroad builders.» —“Chugach National Forest celebrates a century” by Craig Medred Anchorage Daily News (Alaska) July 14, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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