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Snarky Last-Ditch Effort

Halloo and ahoy!

If you missed last weekend's episode of A Way with Words, it's now up on the web site:


We had a good time as we talked with callers about:

--the meaning and origin of "snarky"

--"last-stich effort" vs. "last-ditch effort"

--the pronunciation of "eco" in "eco-friendly"

--the origin of "skeleton key"

--"between you and I"

Besides those and other topics, we also had a sports quiz from Greg Pliska and a "Slang This!" quiz about "tape bomb" and "pixie money."

Next week's show is shaping up nicely, too. We'll discuss the linguistic and literature winners of this year's IgNobel prizes, we'll have a quiz about world capitals, and we'll hear about the slang words "trailer queen and "soup spitter."

If you're only listening to the show, you're missing out on half the fun. Our discussion forums are filling with second and third opinions from listeners, as well as further explanations from your humble co-hosts. There are also a variety of recommendations for language-related coolness on other web sites. Have your say here or check out the recos here:



Martha Barnette and Grant BarrettS

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