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Spoonerisms with Greg Pliska

This week, our puzzle guy Greg Pliska joins us for a game of “Spoonerisms,” or the shifting of the initial consonant sounds in a pair of words. For example, common undergraduate college degree and online auction site. Got it? This is...

Origin of Surf Lingo “Groms”

A longboarder reports she and her fellow surfers refer to young surfers as groms or grommets—not to be confused, of course, with hodads and kooks. But where’d that surfing lingo come from? This is part of a complete episode.


greenmuting  n.— «But not talking about environmental efforts, or “greenmuting,” can be a sin as well. Here’s my list of the “Six Sins of Greenmuting.” » —“”Greenwashing” v. “Greenmuting:...


A former resident of Buffalo, New York, puzzles over a strange word in a 12-year-old personals ad. What exactly is a “paratereseomaniac with extensive knowledge of osculation”? This is part of a complete episode.


tenbagger  n.— «In his best-selling book from 1989, “One Up on Wall Street,” there’s even a chapter entitled “Stalking the Tenbagger.” That’s the kind of stock that goes up tenfold.» —“The Store Is Jumpin’. The Stock Isn’t...