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disco dosing

disco dosing  n.— «And while PrEP’s not new—guys have been popping a T, or “disco dosing,” as the practice is sometimes called, for several years, acquiring the drugs from friends, partners, or drug dealers selling “party packs” including...

Texas two-step

Texas two-step  n.— «San Antonio-area Democrats who shared their perspectives on the process known as the “Texas two-step.” The committee will reconvene late next month to discuss possible changes to the rules. The key issue is whether the...

A Year of Words

Hockey mom? Staycation? Recessionista? What’s your choice for Word of the Year 2008? Also, what expression do you use to describe when it’s raining but the sun is still shining?

headless chicken

headless chicken  n.— «The advocates and supporters of the new party notion see this as a logical solution to the political quagmire the ruling party has found itself in following the populist rhetoric, demagoguery and vindictiveness of...

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