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Insegrevious Paratereseomaniacs

In this episode, Martha and Grant honor winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes, those wacky awards for weird academic research, and they help a caller decipher a puzzling word from a personals ad: what does paratereseomaniac mean?


meez  n.— «Literally “put in place,” mise en place is the kitchen term for your set up, the gathering and preparation of all the tools and food you need to complete the task at hand; mise en place can refer to a cook’s organization on the...


basting  n.— «My friend Hatty is “basting” every month in London with a gay male friend who has offered to help her have the baby she longs for.» —“Why we all need to commit” by Camilla Cavendish Times (London...


condimaniac  n.— «Condimaniac…a person affected by a mania for condiments; one whose cabinets and refrigerator doors are filled with an excess of food seasonings, e.g.,— “He’s such a condimaniac, he brought his own Dijon...

two and barbecue

two and barbecue other. in the phrase go two and barbecue, to be defeated in the first two games of a double-elimination tournament. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

barbecue stopper

barbecue stopper n. a topic of constant and widespread conversation, especially a divisive political or social issue; (hence) a social gaffe. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)