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Gangbusters (episode #1448)

Sensuous words and terms of endearment. Think of a beautiful word. Now, is it simply the word’s sound that makes it beautiful? Or does its appeal also depend on meaning? Also, pet names for lovers around the world: You might call your beloved...

Calling the Kids “Mama” and “Papa”

In Arabic-speaking families, it’s not uncommon for mothers to address their children with the Arabic word for “mama” or for fathers to use the word for “father” when addressing their offspring. These words are used in...

My Little Liver

A listener in Lashio, Myanmar, reports that a term of endearment in the local language translates as “my little liver.”   This is part of a complete episode.

International Terms of Endearment

“May a mouse eat you,” or in Persian, moosh bokharadet, is a term of endearment suggesting the recipient is small and cute. Another picturesque hypocorism: French mon petit chou, “sweetheart,” but literally, “my little...

Mouse Bears

Oh, those romantic Germans! Among their many terms of endearment is the one that translates as “mouse bear.” This is part of a complete episode.

My Boo

Boo and my boo are a terms of endearment common among African-Americans, going at least as far back as mid-90s jams like the Ghost Town DJ’s’ “My Boo.” This is part of a complete episode.

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