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Thinking Like Shakespeare

In a passage from How to Think Like Shakespeare: Lessons from a Renaissance Education, Scott Newstok, a professor at Rhodes College, offers an apt description of class letting out and students wandering about while focused on their phones. This is...

Novel Novels Word Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a word puzzle called “Novel Novels,” in which he gives clues to the names of novels similar to familiar ones, except for one letter. Try this one: “This offbeat novel is based on an incident concerning a...


BOGO  n.— Note: Also abbreviated as “BOGOF.” «I was proud that she had grasped the dangers of Buy-One/Get-One (BOGO) free purchases.» —“BOGO Trap: Buy Eight, Get One Free? I Don’t Think So” by Sharon Harvey...

Sleep Numbers Riddle

Here’s a riddle: “Nature requires five, custom gives seven, laziness takes nine, and wickedness eleven.” Think you know the answer? This is part of a complete episode.