n.— «On top of theconvenios, which function rather like long-term contracts with media bosses, there are thechayotes—one-time direct payments to reporters. Although much less common than 25 years ago, when reporters received cash-stuffed envelopes at Christmas and President Jose Lopez Portillo gave those covering him Rolex watches, chayotes are still very much in vogue in outlying states. Thechayotes, whose name comes from the Spanish word for a tasty but spiny squash-like vegetable, can take the form of commissions for “publicity packages” that reporters sell to candidates or, in the case of Morelos state, even title to small parcels of land.» —“For Good Press, Slip ‘Em Pesos” by Chris Kraul Los Angeles Times Aug. 30, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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