monkey board n. a small or narrow elevated platform on which a person stands (to operate a vehicle or machinery, or to perform other work). Editorial Note: While early in its history monkey board referred to a conductor’s place on wheeled vehicles such as buses, trams, and trolleys, it is now in common use on oil-drilling platforms and also appears in other industries. More or less synonymous terms, often used in a nautical context, include monkey bridge, monkey island, flying bridge, and flying gangway. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

  1. My grandfather, Ether S. Moore, invented the monkey board for the oil derrick.. After his passing in 1998 at age 92, my dad gave each of us, his grand kids, a few of his business cards. Ether ( the E is short like Ed), grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, worked in the oil fields as a young man. He married the girl down the road and moved to S. Calif. as a newlywed.He owned and operated a successful garage door business with my dad.. “Papa” taught us the value of hard work, to be honest and to love unconditionally..

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